Teacher Development Programme

The London School of English Group has a reputation for its commitment to teacher development. In just the last two years several teachers have obtained Cambridge CELTA, CELTYL, DELTA certificates through our sponsorship programme.

 All teachers working at our schools are enrolled on a Teacher development programme whilst under contract.

Courses are designed and delivered by DELTA qualified staff and timetabled throughout the academic year.

Our Academic Management Team

One thing that sets The London School of English Group apart from many other private English language schools is that our Directors are also teachers. In this way, their experience, expertise and advice count for a lot more when teachers are in need of guidance and support.

CELTA to DELTA course

As the mainstay of the development programme, CELTA to DELTA is designed specifically for teachers either new to the trade or with more experience. The components of the course are as follows:

Input Sessions

Delivered throughout the academic year, Input Sessions follow a tutorial style, held in small groups giving teachers the opportunity to share ideas. Sessions focus on the following integrated areas…

  • Planning and Preparation
  • Language Awareness
  • Lesson Management
  • ELT Specializations

Assessed Lessons

Assessed lessons take place two or three times per year depending on the teacher’s individually tailored timetable. Assessed lessons are an opportunity for you to get an objective assessment of your teaching by our DELTA qualified trainers who give constructive, rather than critical, feedback applicable to your day-to-day teaching.

Teacher Training Presentations

To complement the Input sessions, Teacher Training Presentations feature a dynamic, more trainer-lead approach offering a more exciting look at everyday teaching areas such as…

  • Teaching Teenagers
  • Teaching Young learners
  • Project Based Learning
  • Teaching Exam Classes
  • Student expectations
  • Using literature

DELTA Prologue

A unique intensive six month course designed by trainers who have themselves gone through either the intensive or distance Cambridge DELTA course. For those with enough experience who want to understand the commitment required to take the DELTA.  Candidates on the course get a sound introduction to…

  • Writing DELTA assignments
  • Writing DELTA lesson plans
  • Examination practice and techniques
  • Terminology

This course is challenging and requires a commitment from the participant, but the chance to have your teaching and writing looked at with the same standards and  level of detail you can expect on the real DELTA course will prove invaluable to those who go on to get their DELTA. Having put over 15 members of staff through the Delta over the last six years, the value of a course like this is clear to us from the feedback of these course participants.

CELTYL Sponsorship

For teachers who want either to know more about teaching Young Learners, or  for those who see themselves specializing in this area in the future, we give the opportunity to apply for sponsorship for the YL extension to CELTA.

Sponsorship for this course is subject to teachers having been employed for a minimum of 10 months and willing to commit to a further academic year.

Sponsorship ranges from 50% to 70% of course and accommodation costs depending on the result achieved.

Post DELTA Qualifications

For teachers who already have a DELTA or equivalent qualification, but who do not want to stand still but continue their development, we can even offer sponsorship on an MA course in either TESOL or Applied Linguistics.

There is also the opportunity to get involved in teacher training and possibly qualify as a CELTA trainer.

For people who see The London School of English Group as a long-term career opportunity, we can offer you continuing development and a definite career path.

 Some key features of our teacher development programme:

  • Our Directors and Senior Teachers are available to teachers for guidance and support
  • Observations groups are formed and based on teachers’ experience and career path
  • Directors and Senior Teachers attend annual observation training sessions
  • Core seminars are chosen and developed based on feedback from teacher observations
  • Additional seminars and grammar workshops are run throughout the year
  • DELTA sponsorships are offered to qualified teachers
  • Internal promotion is highly valued