In 2015 - 2016 The London School of English Group and Dinternal Book Company set up 3 CELTA and 3 TKT scholarships to raise the awareness of state school English language teachers about ELT methodology which is applied in modern ELT books. The scholarships were open to state school teachers from Kyiv, Odessa and Lviv.


The applicants had to pass three stages successfully:

Stage 1: Write an essay
Stage 2: Complete a CELTA pre-course task
Stage 3: Have a face-to-face or skype interview with a CELTA tutor


Meet our scholarship winners:

inicial_quoteI have been teaching for 15 years now. Last year I decided to apply for CELTA scholarship to get an opportunity to leave my comfort zone, challenge myself and in this way grow professionally. 

This CELTA course has given me both theoretical knowledge and practical experience in teaching English. During the course I learnt a lot from the feedback of my tutors, observing lessons of experiences teachers and self-reflection. It really inspired me to continue improving as a teacher since I have seen so many examples of great teaching during the course at LSE.  

Olesya Naumko

inicial_quoteI  learnt about CELTA a few years ago and from that time on it became my goal to take it. This year I was lucky to win a CELTA scholarship with  LSE and in summer  I successfully passed the course!
Despite being a teacher with more than 10 years of experience, I learnt a great deal from my tutors and the trainees. CELTA is not just a theoretical course, it is a practical workshop, which is definitely useful for both experienced and young teachers. One of my foremost interests was pair/group work and I got answers to all my questions- all our input sessions were based on pair/group work so I saw how it works in practice.
For me CELTA wasn't just professional but also social experience - I met a lot of  people who think outside the box and infect with enthusiasm. It was great to be there! Thanks, LSE!!)
Liubov Goncharenko