CELTA Online: March 22nd - April 23rd - 27,000 hrn ODESA: June 6th - July 3rd - 28,500 hrn, July 5th - July 30th - 29,999 hrn, CELTA ODESA Part-time: September 25th - December 18th - 27000 uah
You can pay in cash in any of our offices in Odessa, Kiev or Lviv. If you are not based in these cities, you will be provided with an account number you can pay to.
For 90 days citizens of EU, the USA, Canada and the UK are free to come to Ukraine without a visa.
No. This course is for those who have little or no experience, so there is no need to worry.
There is no official deadline. As soon as the course is full, the registration will be closed.
We can provide CELTA candidates with single or shared accommodation close to the school. However, we usually encourage candidates to find their own accommodation. It costs about 400-700$/month in the summer.
We recommend reading the following books. If possible, read more about CELTA and get advice from those who have already done the course. A Course in English Language Teaching – Penny Ur (CUP) Learning Teaching – Scrivener (Heinemann) The Practice of English Language Teaching – Harmer (Longman) Practical English Usage – Michael Swan (OUP)
If you would like to apply for a CELTA course in Odessa or Lviv , download the application form and send it to celtalse@teach.lse.ua Step 2: As soon as we get your application form, you will be sent an email to confirm that we have received your form. Step 3: If your application form is successful, you will be contacted within a week to arrange an interview. Step 4: The interview (telephone, Skype or face-to-face) will last for 30-40 minutes. Step 5: You will be informed of the outcome of the interview and sent an acceptance or rejection letter.