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I don’t just want to learn English, I want to get an international certificate!

Preparation for exams is ...


    The teachers of the London School of English know all the peculiarities of the international exams and can tell what to pay attention to when taking them.

    Life is full of many possibilities: studying abroad, personal development, moving to another country. International exams help you realize your dreams and ambitions, and change your life! And a certificate confirming your knowledge of English will be your advantage over other candidates!




Benefits of preparing for international exams with The London School of English


We have been preparing for international exams since 1998, 99% of our students successfully pass the exams


Course trainers are examiners in international exams, therefore they know all the "pitfalls" which candidates may encounter


We use the latest educational resources developed by reputable international publishers


Regular mock tests throughout the course help each student assess their progress and work out their weaknesses

IELTS is a passport to a successful future


    IELTS (International English Language Testing System) is one of the leading international English language exams.

    More than 6,000 educational establishments, governmental and professional organizations around the world recognise the IELTS certificate and trust this system of assessment. Testing is conducted in 120 countries around the world and registration for the examination takes place about 4 times a month.

    We provide consultation and  several formats of preparation programmes:

  • IELTS courses: 8-week comprehensive courses in online or offline format. Classes in groups, on weekdays or every Saturday
  • IELTS Upgrade*: short personalized programs designed to meet customer needs. These include individual online sessions with an IELTS trainer, practice tests with mistake analysis and interactive homework. Programs can optionally include access to MyEnglishLab - an interactive learning platform
  • IELTS consultation*: the service includes an IELTS mock test with evaluation of the Reading and Listening parts according to the IELTS scale, personalized analysis of the results of the Writing and Speaking parts, individual IELTS expert consultation, recommendations for improving the results of each part of the test

*Find out more about IELTS Upgrade and IELTS Consultation from our managers: +38(044)277-86-54+38(050)441-45-57+38(067)238-35-68


Pearson English International Certificate
Preparing for the exam can be interesting!

Pearson English International Certificate

The Pearson English International Certificate (PEIC) is an internationally recognized certificate which is an alternative to international tests such as IELTS or TOEFL.

     The Pearson exam objectively evaluates your knowledge and officially confirms your language proficiency. You will learn how well you can comfortably communicate in English and how well you can understand the interlocutor. The PEIC certificate is recognised by educational institutions and employers around the world, is of indefinite duration and doesn’t require regular retakes.

     PEIC is designed to test the knowledge of adults and teenagers at almost all levels, even Elementary. If you want to check the level of your child (6-12 years old), take a closer look at the PEIC Young Learners test. The examination tests the proficiency in the language in a relaxed atmosphere and encourages children to continue progressing in English.


Take the Pearson Exam
We have 11 years of successful exam results at our test centres!

Take the Pearson Exam

    Since 2010, the "London School of English" has been the official testing centre for the Pearson English International Certificate. We provide the opportunity to receive an international certificate in English recognised by many countries around the world.

    Now the examination has become part of the general curriculum, children and adults can receive an independent assessment of their knowledge, additional motivation, and new learning and career opportunities. Test centres are located in Kyiv and Lviv.


Levels for Adults and Teens: 

Level A1 Foundation, Level 1 Elementary, Level 2 Intermediate (В1), Level 3 Upper Intermediate (В2), Level 4 Advanced (C1), Level 5 Proficiency (C2)


Levels for kids of the age 6-12 years old:

Firstwords, Springboard, Quickmarch, Breakthrough



Exam in May:

- registration till April, 4th

- exam (written part): May, 14th

- results: June, 27th

Exam in June:

- registration till May, 10th

- exam (written part): June, 18th

- results: August, 1st



KYIV: metro Pecherska, 30-v Lesi Ukrainki blvd. Phones: +38(044)227-82-98+38(050)351-87-62+38(067)503-51-57

LVIV: 68 Ivana Franka street. Phone: +38(032)253-01-20

Cambridge exams
Getting a prestigious Cambridge certificate is a significant advantage!

Cambridge exams

    Exams from Cambridge University include different versions of English: British, American, Australian. Results of the exams don't expire (unlike the IELTS certificate, they don't need to be confirmed again in 2 years).

    At the exam, the examiner tests your 'real-life' English in order to assess how confident you feel in an English-speaking environment. The exam can be taken at any level of language.

    If you need to show your employer official proof of your English proficiency, you can take a Cambridge exam. The certificate you receive is in demand in many leading companies: Kyivstar, Microsoft, Mercedes-Benz Ukraine, Nestlé Ukraine, IBM, etc.

    The London School of English provides training for the Cambridge International Examinations with experienced native speakers and Cambridge Examiners.