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Online courses of English

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LSE Online is the best online school of English! Enrol for classes)

London School of English offers online courses of English

Online training in LSE is provided using the course books of leading international publishers: Pearson and Cambridge. Students are immersed in the English-speaking environment throughout the lesson, learning modern spoken constructions. The course program is not based on abstraction, but reproduces real-life situations in classes, demonstrating qualitative progress in language learning.

Online courses of English include programs for kids from 6 years old, teens and adults. Groups are formed according to the age and the level of English. You can sign up to the group according to the result of the free online entrance test.

online for kids

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Online English classes at LSE help children to get used to the English-speaking environment, as teachers avoid translating the material into their native language. We explain the new material through associations, drawings, cards, etc. Children play games and work on various projects, developing creative and communicative skills, helping to better master what they have learned.

Online English classes for kids at LSE include:

  • Regular progress tests with feedback from the teacher to monitor progress in learning
  • Classes in a 100% English-speaking environment, using the latest educational materials
  • Educational programmes aimed at passing international language exams
  • Attendance and homework control

online for teens

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Teenagers learn grammar and vocabulary corresponding to levels A2-B2. After completing the Secondary Advanced course, teenagers obtain a C1 level and are ready to enter internal and foreign educational institutions.

At LSE we pay a lot of attention to the improvement of speaking and listening skills which are needed for everyday communication.

Online English classes for teens at LSE include:

  • Online classes in a 100% English speaking environment at all levels
  • Assessment of each student's progress through regular tests with teacher's feedback
  • Focus of educational programs on preparing for international language exams and external independent testing in English
  • Communication on relevant and interesting topics for teenagers, and the development of critical thinking and skills necessary for a successful future

online for adults

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In classes, students are immersed in an English-speaking environment - teachers don't translate anything and instead explain all material in English by gestures,  pictures, presentations etc. That way, you will get rid of the confusion when you have to talk to foreigners in real life.

In addition to constant communication in the classroom, you will work with interactive learning technologies, read adapted English texts and watch video blogs in English. This way you can better master grammar, develop reading and writing skills and enrich your vocabulary.

Both native speakers and Ukrainian teachers conduct classes.

Online English classes for adults at LSE include:

  • a 100% English-speaking environment in the class. The emphasis of the courses is on English grammar and thorough practice of all speaking skills
  • Modern, interactive and high-quality educational resources from the leading international publishing house Pearson
  • Assessment of each student's progress through regular teacher tests with feedback
  • A comfortable schedule and a diverse range of programs

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