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I would like the child to learn English not only by TikTok ...!

LSE Teens is all about ...

... courses that teach teenagers how to use English in real life. The state school curriculum is not always pupil-friendly, and English lessons are often not sufficient enough to pass the international entrance exam for a desired university.


At LSE we use the communicative approach. For example - in every class we work with different topics in English such as art, school, technology, cinema and the future. Teenagers learn to express themselves freely and to use popular collocations and phrases. Teens will finally be able to grasp the true meaning of the lyrics of Billy Eilish and Ariana Grande!


How does it work? Come and see for yourself!


English for teens at the LSE is:


Online and offline classes in a 100% English speaking environment at all levels


Each student's progress is assessed through regular tests with teacher's feedback


Focus of educational programs on preparing for international language exams and external independent testing in English


Communication on relevant and interesting topics for teenagers, and the development of critical thinking and skills necessary for a successful future

General English
English is general and knowledge is specific!

General English

Offline and online courses for 12-17 year olds


Teenagers learn grammar and vocabulary corresponding to levels A2-B2. After completing the Secondary Advanced course, teenagers obtain a C1 level and are ready to enter internal and foreign educational institutions.


At LSE we pay a lot of attention to the improvement of speaking and listening skills which are needed for everyday communication.


In addition to the general program, teenagers are prepared for international exams in English - the Pearson English International Certificate (PTE) and Cambridge exams (FCE, CAE). After completing such courses, students take exams at the official testing centres of the "London School of English" and receive international, life-long certificates confirming their level of language proficiency.


Preparation for EIE (ZNO)
Do you guarantee 200 points ?!
No, but 198 is quite possible :)

Preparation for EIE (ZNO)

At our online / offline classes we analyse the structure of the exam, identify practical strategies for passing the exam successfully, and complete practice tasks under realistic time limits.


Preparing for external independent evaluation (ZNO) at the London School of English is effective for several reasons:


  • our teachers have extensive experience in test preparation;
  • we have specialised training resources designed specifically to prepare for external independent evaluation;
  • students do a lot of practice tasks mirroring those at real exam;
  • we offer regular mock tests during the course and free consultation.
International exams
I would like to have an official paper certifying my B2!

International exams

The popularity of studying abroad is constantly increasing: more and more graduates are entering Universities in the UK, Denmark, Poland or the US. This requires a solid knowledge of your subject, a willingness to study and, above all, a confirmation of English language proficiency.


Our teachers will help students to get a step closer to joining their desired educational establishment with IELTS, Pearson and Cambridge international exam preparation programmes.


 Classes are available offline or online in our schools.


Express courses
Polish your English while you are young!

Express courses

We have several offline / online courses for teenagers to choose from.


Conversational courses. Interesting topics for discussion and additional exercises to enlarge their vocabulary. Teens learn how to express their point of view confidently, discover something new and have fun communication with their mates.


Grammar courses. Grammar issues constantly raise a number of questions for everyone who studies English. We will make it clear when to use Present Perfect, where to put the auxiliary verb, and why there are so many tenses in English anyway.


Courses with video content. English, like any other language, is lively and dynamic. You have to follow all the changes in the language in order to speak modern English. During the course students watch English-language YouTube videos, allowing them to practise modern English.


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