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    The most effective way to improve your English in the shortest time!

    It’s typical for adults to put off studying English because we remember those boring school lessons. Since then, attitudes have changed, and now no one will bother you with grammar theory or lists of confusing words.

    English for Adults at LSE is a combination of modern teaching techniques, a professional international team of tutors and engaging educational materials provided by top international publishers. We use the communicative approach as a basis - it means that we shift the emphasis towards speaking practice. This makes it possible to overcome the language barrier quickly and to feel confident in an English-speaking environment.

    Come to LSE with any level of English, even Beginner!



Four reasons to learn English at the LSE:


Each online lesson takes place in a 100% English-speaking environment. The emphasis of the courses is on English grammar and thorough practice of all speaking skills


We use modern, interactive and high-quality educational resources from the leading international publishing house Pearson


Each student's progress is assessed through regular teacher tests with feedback


We offer a comfortable schedule and a diverse learning format

General English
No more outdated vocabulary!

General English

    At a general English course, you will not explore the peculiarities of the language or learn by heart grammatical constructions which native speakers do not remember themselves.

    In classes, students are immersed in an English-speaking environment - teachers don't translate anything and instead explain all material in English by gestures or pictures. That way, you will get rid of the confusion when you have to talk to foreigners in real life.

    In addition to constant communication in the classroom, you will work with interactive learning technologies, read adapted English texts and watch video blogs in English. This way you can better master grammar, develop reading and writing skills and enrich your vocabulary.

Both native speakers and Ukrainian teachers conduct classes.


International examinations
Will I be able to enter Cambridge?

International examinations

Suppose you move abroad. Or you enter a foreign university. Or you’re promoted to a foreign office of a company. Not bad scenarios, are they? There is something missing. Like an international certificate confirming your level of English.


Qualified teachers will help you to prepare for international examinations in the most effective way. They know exactly what to look for and what to practise to get a good result.


LSE prepares candidates for the Cambridge and IELTS exams.


Preparation for EVI in English
Prepare for the exam with real professionals!

Preparation for EVI in English

Prepare for EVI in English together with experienced professionals of LSE!

London School of English offers a specialized online course preparing for the Unified Entrance Examination (EVI) in English for obtaining a Master's degree.

During the course we'll:

  • cover grammar and vocabulary issues present in EVI exam tasks 
  • look through the structure of exam tasks and find the best strategy and approach for each of them
  • write a number of mock tests and receive a feedback from the teacher


Conversation courses


    Need more conversation practice?

    LSE conducts English-speaking courses online on weekdays and Saturdays.

    Conversational courses are a great find for students who want to «talk», stop feeling uncomfortable in English discussions and learn something new for themselves. In the course, you will discuss interesting topics, listen to other students and express your own opinion.

    In addition to conversational courses, we also offer additional programs to improve various skills: reading, writing or listening.


Business English
So let's get down to business

Business English

    We dispel the myth that business English can only be studied at the highest levels.

    Often a person only needs to master business vocabulary, learn the rules of business correspondence and prepare for a meeting with business partners. Every minute is important, and there is no time to take a general course.

    At the London School of English, you can start learning business English from the B1 level. Teachers select textbooks and teaching materials for each group in a way that is comfortable and effective.

    During the course, you will learn English through buliding up situations from the business environment, as well as learn to apply the acquired knowledge in professional situations.


English for Special Purposes
I am looking for effective English courses for financial professionals

English for Special Purposes

You work in financial area, you're a lawyer or you are just looking for a job? You're abroad and having troubles because of the language barrier when opening a bank account, applying for insurance or visiting a doctor?

Specialised courses from LSE will open new horizons in your professional life and make it easier to solve everyday issues abroad.

  • The special English for Life course will help you if you are (or going) abroad and faced the problem of a language barrier in solving everyday issues: filling out papers, shopping, visiting a doctor etc.
  • In a Legal English course you will learn the basic legal terms and categories, how to make a contract in English and what grammatical structures are used for documentation.
  • An English for Finance course will teach you the expressions, grammatical structures and specific terminology which accounting and finance professionals use.
  • Thanks to a Professional English course, you will make your CV relevant and attractive for employers, prepare for an interview and learn useful life hacks so that you are able to work comfortably with foreigners.