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Terms of use

Rules for participants of online groups


(hereinafter referred to as the London School of English)


1. How training is organized in online groups

1.1. Training takes place on the platform.

1.2. The manager will send you instructions for using the platform. The Customer receives the access code to the lesson on the day of the first lesson. It is absolutely forbidden to transfer the access code to the online lesson to third parties.

1.3. The London School of English creates a Telegram group for prompt sending of homework, as well as for work during lessons. The customer receives an invitation to join the Telegram group from his teacher. Teachers can respond to requests from the Customer in the Telegram group only during working hours from Monday to Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.

1.4. The electronic version of the textbooks can be purchased at the link sent by the school manager to the Telegram group.

2. General rules of conduct in the online lesson and recommendations

2.1. It is necessary to join the lesson on time and only under real names and surnames. The use of nicknames is not allowed.

2.2. It is important that group participants always use the camera during the session. If, for technical reasons, the student cannot turn on the camera, this may affect the effectiveness of the educational process.

2.3. During the lesson, it is advisable to use headphones and be in a separate room without extraneous sounds.

2.4. At the lesson, the student must have a textbook and a workbook, if their usage is included in the program of the course. 

2.5. We recommend doing your homework on time. Remember that at least 50% of your successful study is your additional self study.

2.6. Irregular attendance of classes and failure to complete homework can have a negative impact on your progress in learning and lead to an unsatisfactory result. If the Customer misses a lesson, the Contractor can send a video recording of the missed lesson to the Customer (during scheduled/emergency power outages), the customer receives homework and independently processes the missed material.

2.7. It is necessary to speak English only during the lessons.

2.8. Students must treat teachers and other students with respect.

2.9. Please do not be distracted during the lesson by talking on the mobile phone or by other activities, this will reduce the effectiveness of the study and may distract other participants of the lesson.

3. Students are prohibited from:

3.1. Violating academic discipline, as well as inciting other students to violate academic discipline.

3.2. Joining a class under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

3.3. Eating or chewing gum during the lesson.

3.4. Create noise during the lesson, divert the attention of other students from the lesson.

3.6. Use obscene expressions and gestures.

3.7. Record the lesson with any means of audio or video recording.

4.1. Tests

4.1.1. During the general English course, adult students take 1-2 progress tests (depending on the level) and 1 final test. Children and teenagers take 2 progress tests and 1 final test during the general English course. Passing the tests is mandatory if students want to receive a certificate of completion of the current level and move on to the next.

4.1.2. Two remarks for cheating during the tests entail the invalidity of the test and make it impossible to obtain a certificate of completion of the current level and the student's transition to the next.

4.1.3. Students must score a minimum of 60% on each separate part of the test.

4.1.4. If the student does not score 60% in one of the parts of the final test, at the decision of the school director, he is given the opportunity to retake the test or is recommended to repeat the level completely.

4.2. International exams

4.2.1. The program of some levels includes preparation for Pearson or Cambridge international exams, based on the results of which the student receives an international certificate.

4.2.2. During hostilities, international exams can be taken only outside of Ukraine. Find out the exact dates and cost of the exams in the exam centers.

5. System of informing group participants

5.1. Information about all extracurricular activities and news of the London School of English is provided to the students by teachers in the lessons. In addition, any important event or changes in the school schedule are published in Telegram groups. Please pay attention to these messages, because it is important first of all for you! Due to the fact that the school has many students, we are not always able to call all our customers.

With all organizational questions, the Customer can contact the support line, which operates in the following mode:

From Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 21:00, on Saturday from 9:00 to 14:00.

Phone +380733645474

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