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English for adults

Communicative approach
Native speakers
Заговори англійською за 5 місяців

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About the course

Based on your placement test results, you are recommended to join the Advanced course. The course lasts 5 months with еру 90 minutes lesson duration. The course consists of Grammar, Vocabulary, Listening, Reading, Speaking and Writing.

Course materials

The main course book used for this course is Cutting Edge Advanced. This book was produced by the international publisher Pearson according to the newest techniques and the most up to date English language teaching methods. Some of the topis in this book include traveling modern trands and habits. These are presented through the communicative approach with a combination of reading, listening, grammar, vocabulary with different assignments. Cutting Edge Advanced also contains interesting videos from the BBC, which will help you to learn more about British culture and authentic language. Also, you will have access to My English Lab platform, where you will be able to do different assignments according to the studied topic. This resource also makes the process of doing homework easier, as you will get access to this platform anywhere, anytime. All tasks are checked automatically, so you will see the results straight away. Also the teacher will be able to see your results, so he or she can prepare appropriate materials that will help you to improve your knowledge most effectively.

Course results

By the end of the course you will be able to:

  •  Discuss different ideas and convince others of the truth of your statements
  •  Solve problems tactfully
  •  Make presentations
  •  Explain technical problems
  •  Write essays
  •  Make notes and write reviews
Advanced Z1
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Ср 19:30-21:10 Пт 19:30-21:10
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5 mths

Course materials

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