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Rest + English = perfect combo

LSE Summer Camp is ...


    The summer program for children of 7-12 years old combines learning English with active recreation. Instead of boring lessons, we use a communicative method that helps kids to use their knowledge of English in practice - with outr Ukraininan speacialists and native speakers alike!


But we don't forget about recreation: children swim in the pool, spend a lot of time outdoors and participate in games and quests conducted in English.


The camp is located near Kyiv: Kyiv-Sviatoshynskyi district, Zhytomyr highway, village Kapitanivka, street Soborna, 4 (V.T. Guts Medical Rehabilitation Center). The territory is under round-the-clock protection.


The camp is open Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 17:00.


We will make sure that your child has an enjoyable summer!


The program is not starting in 2022

Why your child will enjoy the LSE summer camp

  • Daily English lessons in an interesting format

Creative projects, communication with native speakers, even the be a producer, radio host, editor-in-chief or designer

  • Recreation

Dancing, taekwondo, drawing, swimming in the pool

  • Healthy food

Three meals a day and a menu designed by a nutritionist

       Developing the necessary skills through play

Children learn to show leadership skills, compromise with others, work in a team and generate creative solutions.

LSE Summer Camp is an active and creative English-speaking holiday
English lessons
You won't see that at school.

English lessons

Our teachers conduct 3 types of lessons:

  • General English
    A daily 60-minute English lesson. Here children expand their vocabulary, learn about new grammatical constructs and improve their writing, reading, speaking and listening skills.
  • Project English
    In these classes, the children apply their new knowledge in practice. They activate the vocabulary and learn something new by preparing educational projects on various topics.
  • English Extra
    Classes are filled with creativity and a cheerful atmosphere. Children discover their creative potential, generate ideas and work effectively as a team.

Children will have up to 30 hours of English classes during 2 weeks.


Sports and entertainment program
English, sports ... And when to relax?
We promote leisure activities without gadgets.

Sports and entertainment program

    Our campers play football, badminton, tennis and other team games.

    Children can swim in the pool, do taekwondo, dance or work on art between classes.


A professional international team
We'll make sure every child is well-cared for!

A professional international team

    Our camp team consists of experienced specialists and counsellors who will become friends for your child and help in any situation.

    English classes are taught by qualified teachers - both native speakers and Ukrainian specialists.